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Light Gives Life:

Light therapy is nothing new and dates back to the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates recorded the use of light therapy in his roofless gallery. It has been used over the centuries to treat many disorders or ailments even smallpox. The only problem was in the past was one had to capture and use the power of light from our sun. This process of healing did not come from the heat of the sun but from a process of photo biostimulation (photosynthesis). This is a bio chemical response of our bodies that produces needed enzymes (ATP, proteins) when exposed to proper light waves.

In the early 1900's Albert Einstein provided the world with the theory of light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation, Laser for short. It was not until the 1960's before technology caught up with Mr. Einstein's theory and the first working laser was produced. Now with modern technology we have refined, reduced the size, improved the quality, can control the different wave lengths and power and effectively beginning to harness the power of light. Lasers fall into several categories and are sometimes confusing. Basically "hot" lasers are the more powerful and have applications in the industrial and medical fields in cutting metal and used as surgical knifes. Lasers are also used in communications and measuring devices that can accurately measure the distance between the earth and the moon down to a fraction of an inch. The military has developed extremely powerful lasers to use in the national defense program that can track and destroy flying object that pose a threat to the security of the United States. The other application of lasers falls into the healing light lasers and these are the laser we use at Cirrus for our Laser Scalp Therapy.

Light produced by a laser is coherent light which travels in a straight line and penetrates. Light that is produced from light bulbs, LEDs, is incoherent light, meaning it travels in all directions and is reflective and does not penetrate. It illuminates due to its wave length and bouncing off of objects.

Laser light applied to the skin or scalp which falls into the lower power and wavelength of around 650nm and 5mw of power is known as low level light (laser) therapy or LLLT. The application of this light has been shown to have no side effects and causes no harm. In fact it has been proven to speed up the development of collagen, increase blood flow and promote tissue repair. Cold lasers, as they have become to be known support the self healing process of the body in a gentle way.

These lasers have been used for more than 30 years all around the world and have been shown to improve many conditions including hair growth.

In 2007 the United States FDA approved the HairMax Laser by Lexington as a hair growth device after it was proven in clinical trails.

Cirrus is proud to use and be a distributor of the HairMax laser.

We have designed our CiraDerm line of products and hair/scalp treatments to work with the laser on both men and women.

Contact Cirrus Hair Centers or your local Cirrus dealer to learn more about Cirrus Laser Therapy with CiraDerm.

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